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Discussion on: I'm a veteran UI developer, AMA!

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Hey Rob, do you think the future of web development will be Designers doing CSS and HTML, and UI developer title to be specific for Css and Html development?

For examples UI designers also doing the "UI developer"(html and css) and on the other side an increase of the Javascript developer title, where they use javascript, react, vue, node.js.
In this case Front end developer title will disapear

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Rob Kendal {{☕}} Ask Me Anything

Ooo that’s a great question. I think you can already see the divisions (or subdivisions) along the line that stretches between the design and look and feel side of UI to the mechanics of it all (i.e. the JavaScript).

Also, there are people who love to work in the front end side of things but just aren’t design inclined, so would prefer to hand those parts to a dedicated person or team.

But the lines are already very blurry and the terms ‘backend’ and ‘front end’ feel a little loose to me. It feels like we talk a lot more around being a developer first and then which tech stack matches your skill set most closely. And there are people who specialise and niche off into day, accessibility or CSS or performance optimisation.

In the end, I think there will always exist a large Venn diagram between design and development and it doesn’t hurt for either side to dabble in the middle a little. It’s better for them, better for the team, and ultimately better for the user.