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Discussion on: Have you ever quit a job without anything else lined up?

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Richard Bagshaw

Yes, in fact, I did exactly this about a month ago.

I worked for a company and we were all a 100% remote team, I had been there for 3 1/2 years and I did have a great time working there. However, company culture changed massively, as when I started there was a handful of us (8 people maybe), but on the day that I left there were around 30 of us.

For me, it was just the growing pains, poor decisions further up the tree and people trying to micromanage other people, etc, it just became unbearable.

I quit on Monday morning with literally no plan other than "I will go freelance for a bit"

Well, here I am after working my notice period and a couple of weeks into freelancing and I am much happier, much less stressed and still alive!

At the end of the day, I have been a software developer since 1996, and I just put a little faith in myself and knew that faced with a challenge of finding some kind of work, that I would just be OK.

Not sure I would recommend it though, I do have a family and a house etc, so it's not without risk, but for me, the risk was far less stressful than tolerating the issues that had been bothering me for a while.

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Jonathan Sundqvist

Where did you find your clients? I'm pretty much in the same situation as you. Quit my job, moved to a different city to live with my partner and no plans except that "I will go freelance for a bit"