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re: Professionally I use React and Vue. Personally I have moved to Svelte for side projects and personal ideas. Absolutely, Svelte is still very young...

Hey, I hear you. I'd love for Svelte to get more attention and work. In fact, one of my side projects this year (admittedly it got sidelined before I even started) was to implement the svelte compiler in Rust. So I really believe that Svelte has some nice value adds as a toolset for web development. That said, my points were:

  1. Svelte is actually at the bleeding edge, and thus not really on the same field as a mature library/framework.
  2. The purported benefits of Svelte are not accurate.
  3. The value adds are not that great and you lose a lot of flexibility.

In the future, however, I do see a place for a svelte-like compiler that is more flexible and can handle importing/exporting multiple languages.

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