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Does the `var` keyword affect performance in Java?

baenencalin profile image Calin Baenen ・1 min read

Does using var instead of TypeClassName lower performance?
If not, can I use it as sparingly as I want?



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The var keyword is interpreted at compile time, as a result, the bytecode inside the jar/war will already have the correct type of object. No performance loss at runtime.

However, there's a lengthy debate around why you would want to use it. My take: if your object name is too long, such that it hurts readability of your code, and you can't refactor - use it.

I don't buy the argument of "I don't know what class it will be" - if the compiler can work it out, so can you. Not knowing is another sign that you should refractor.

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Nishchal Gautam

TIL: there's a var keyword in Java which does type inference, last time I was doing java, there wasn't, when did they introduce this?

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Robin Victorino

Type inference with var keyword has been introduced in Java 10 :)