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SunnySunday weather web app

bacloud14 profile image bacloud14 ・1 min read

Hello savvies !
I have been working in turtle.speed() during these tough times of lock-down.

Like always, I had not an epiphany but a same old same old idea. However I think weather apps always age in a good way, so I thought why not put it in practice. Enough mumbling, this simple Node.js app uses Google Maps and Openweathermap data to let people find best places to visit in their entourage based on weather.

IU capture

Your propositions are very welcome, and I really want a helping hand on a better clean code, and also work on a better styling because I intend to host it somewhere.

I believe style is not that good, as I am not really into design, code also smells bad and is like a mono block but it works with so much asynchronous interactions going on in a single request.

Anyway, for deployment, you need both Google Maps and Openweathermap keys set in your cloud account with a proper origin like: localhost:3000

This is the Github link (with many issue open :o )

Thanks !

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