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When, How & Why Use Golang in 2021

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Golang - people have loved to talk about the Golang programming language since the day it was introduced by Google. But many firms without having enough experience and knowledge about Golang are thinking twice before starting using Golang. I know even many of you want to know what Golang is used for and what goods in Golang?

We came up with the article, which provides you with 360 information about Golang like why use Golang, how and when you should use Golang for your enterprise projects.

Let’s understand.

Why use Golang?

  1. Future of Golang is Safe and Sound
  2. Munificent Libraries
  3. General Purpose
  4. Highly Flexible
  5. Cross-platform Ready
  6. No External Dependency for Your Project
  7. Fastest Build Time
  8. Concise and Clear Codes
  9. Strong Concurrency
  10. Powerful Networking
  11. Packages and Libraries of High Standard

What's so Great About Golang?

  • Golang is the Speediest Burgeoning Language on Github
  • Super matured package of its own
  • No classes, no inheritance
  • Golang has spiked its popularity
  • Best Go-to Cloud native programming language

In our article, we also shared the details about the Golang Statistics And also explain how you can get started with Golang for your project. And we also talked about which kind of software projects Golang is most suitable for. We if still have doubts about why use Golang, read our article for sure.

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