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Tutorial on How to Build Microservices with Node.js

Recently we shared an article about the Microservice Architecture and Why Build Microservices with Node.js, if you are unaware about it, I recommend you to read that article first. In that article, we answered why, what and when - and today we are going to answer you “How”.

Yes, today we are going to develop the basic demo application. If you want to develop your own application, just follow the steps that we mentioned.

In this tutorial, we develop the microservices with NodeJS and connect them by external API.

Mainly applications consist of the three services: Book, Customer, and Order services. With the help of REST APIs, these services will communicate with each other.

Let’s see what coding part that we covered in the article.

In the article we talk about the Initial Set-Up and project structures. Along with that we also mentioned how to create Database Connection, Book Service, Customer services and order services.

If you want to know more about how to Build microservices with node.js, visit our article now.

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