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React SEO Tips To Develop SEO-Friendly Web Apps

If you have your website developed with React and you are facing ranking issues on Google, we are here for you with React SEO tips that will help you to boost your ranking in Google. Mainly React developers and companies are more focused on the client-side rendering, but we all know Google focuses on server-side rendering.

So, today we will talk about the basics of React SEO. we will see what challenges React faces to be SEO-friendly. Also we let you know about some of the best practices that help you to rank.

General SEO Challenges

  1. Empty First pass content
  2. Page Metadata
  3. Sitemap
  4. User Experience and Loading Time
  5. Other SEO Considerations

React SEO Challenges

  1. Use of Single Page Application (SPA)
  2. Absence of dynamic SEO tags
  3. Seo Problems with SPAs

How to make React apps SEO-friendly

  1. Isomorphic React
  2. Prerendering
  3. Server-side rendering: Fetching HTML Files With Entire Content

React SEO Best Practices

  1. React Router Usage
  2. URL case
  3. "A Href" Usage in Links
  4. React Helmet
  5. 404 Error Code
  6. Images
  7. React.Lazy

If you want to implement those tips for your React website, read our original article of React SEO Tips and get unlimited rewards in ranking.

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