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Learn How to Implement React Pagination with React Hooks and React Paginate

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When we have large web applications and having a large number of data to be displayed in the application. In such kinds of applications, to rescue such a high number of datasets we used pagination. We at bacancy share an article, in the article we share a piece of information about how to implement ReactJS pagination using React Hooks by developing small applications with live coding examples.

Let’s start learning how to make pagination in ReactJS.

How to Implement Pagination Using React Hooks and React Paginate?

  • Create and Navigate to your React pagination project;

npx create-react-app react-pagination
cd react-pagination

  • Here’s How to Install Axios and React Paginate

Based on your package manager, install Axios and React Paginate.

For yarn, run this command-
yarn add axios react-paginate

For npm, run this command-
npm install axios react-paginate

  • Now, open App.js and make the necessary changes.

Import React Hooks, React Paginate, and Axios

import React, { useState, useEffect } from 'react'
import axios from 'axios'
import ReactPaginate from 'react-paginate';

Initializing React Hooks

const [postsPerPage] = useState(5);
const [offset, setOffset] = useState(1);
const [posts, setAllPosts] = useState([]);
const [pageCount, setPageCount] = useState(0)

After implementing above mentioned steps, you need to follow the following points with proper coding techniques that we share in our article. We also share one video about the ReactJS pagination example to get you a better understanding.

  • Fetching Data Using Axios

  • Call getAllPosts() from React hooks – useEffect()

  • Create a method for handling the page click

If you would like to know more about react js pagination, I will suggest you to read our article and clear your doubts about coding techniques for react js pagination.

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