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Implement Golang JWT Authentication and Authorization

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I know it’s funny but just let me know, would you allow any person to enter your house without knowing him/her - A big no! So, the same things also applicable in web applications. If you want to make a request using APIs, the user’s identity is much needed. Authentication happens by taking the help of JWT. i.e., JSON Web Token.

I know it’s creating confusion for you that now what is JWT or how it applies in Google and what is JWT authentication. But, don’t be a worry. We are not here to make you confuse, we are here to help you out in every aspect.

So, for you, we share a tutorial about how to implement Golang JWT authentication and Authorization.

What is a JSON Web Token?

It’s nothing but a cryptographically signed token, the server generates it and gives it to the client.

Taking use of two algorithms, we can sign a token: HMAC or SHA256.

I know now you want to know more about HMAC and SHA256. We at bacancy share an article, where we mention the following points in in-depth details with technical examples.

  • What is JSON Web Token?
  • How does JSON Web Token look like?
  • What does JSON Web Token comprise?
  • Implementing Golang JWT Authentication and Authorization

I will suggest you to read our article and get an in-depth understanding of Golang JWT Authentication. I hope our article helped you with Golang JWT Authentication and Authorization.

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