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Create a Real-time Chat Application using Socket.IO, Golang, and VueJS

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Hello, exciting people; we are here for you again. Do you want to know-how by using Vue.js and Socket.IO, we can create a real-time chat application. Yes, we will learn this today, and we already shared a tutorial at Bacancy Technology.

In our Tutorial, we have included the following points.

  1. Tutorial Goal: Build a Real-time Chat Application
  2. What is Socket.IO?
  3. Steps to Build a Chat App Using SocketIO, Golang, and VueJS
  • Initializing Golang projects
  • Initializing Socket.IO Server
  • Setting Up Socket.IO
  • Initializing VueJS project
  • Creating Components
  • Socket.IO Implementation with Front-end

In the tutorial goal, we shared a video about what we are going to do in this tutorial, So it will be easy for you to learn how to develop a real-time chat application.

Now let’s shortly understand the Socket.IO and the advantages of Socket.IO.

Socket.IO - it is the JS library and it used to be built on the WebSocket and different technologies. If you want to develop a Real-time chat application, Socket.IO can be the most efficient solution.

Socket.IO have two well-known libraries in the pocket:- Graarh and Googollee

We have use Graarh in our tutorial.

As I said earlier in our article, we have shared Steps to Build a Chat App Using SocketIO, Golang, and VueJS with all the required coding and techniques. I suggest you to read our article and get infinite knowledge of Real-time Chat Application.

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