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Comparison between Laravel and CodeIgniter

Are you confused about the right set of PHP frameworks between Laravel vs CodeIgniter? You need to choose one of those frameworks which is most suitable for your projects and to make that decision you need to have a proper knowledge of both frameworks. Let’s do some classic comparison of two frameworks and will also let you know which frameworks you can use at particular projects.

What is Laravel?

Well, you must be aware that Laravel is built by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is well popular for it’s server-side handling of routing, exceptional HTML authentication, templating, and many more.

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter was developed by EllisLab in 2006, if you want to develop dynamic websites with PHP, CodeIgniter will be suitable for you.

In our article we also compare Laravel and CodeIgniter with the same statistical data. We also compare both frameworks with the following data: learning curve, popularity and latest trends, template language, database model, programming paradigm, construction, inbuilt modules, API building and template engine, unit testing, HTTP support, authentication, DBMS support and facilitate RESTful API.

Further in the article we compare the features of both frameworks and explain when you need to use those frameworks for your projects.

If you want to know more about those Comparison between Laravel and CodeIgniter, read our original article.

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