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Passing Data Through Angular Router State.

You might be aware of the Router State in Angular 7. The application developed by the angular will be divided into different parts. Those separate components help to understand the business login easily.

Today we here share a tutorial about the Router State in Angular 7. And in the tutorial we get to know how to pass data from the Categories component to the Blog by Categories component. Our demo video will help you to understand it better.

After the demo video of the tutorial, we share some technical details that help you to understand and implement the technical parts of the tutorial at your projects.

We discussed the following points to understand Passing data through Angular router state.

  • Configure Angular Project
  • Angular Project Structure
  • Angular Generate Components
  • Configure Routes
  • Basic User Interface
  • Passing Data
  • Receiving Data

If you want to know more about how to Passing data through Angular routerstate, Read our article now.

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