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How to Send Email using NodeMailer with Gmail & Mailtrap

We are living in the modern world and in this modern world lots of communication ways have evolved with the passing of time. And when it comes to the professional world, sending email - the communication way is considered a widely used feature.
Professional and business people use email for communication and interaction with the customer, So their customer will not miss any updates if it is very important.

You might come across a few applications which send an email, but have you ever wondered how applications can send an email? We have answers for you, just keep reading with us.

We shared a tutorial with you, in that we learn how to send emails with Node.js applications. We do it by taking help from NodeMailer. In this tutorial, we covered how to send email with attachments and basic HTML content.

What is NodeMailer?

For receiving and sending emails from applications, NodeMailer is the most popular module which is used for it in Node.js application. It is a zero dependency module.

You can send email with HTML, text or attachments. Following are the features of the NodeMailer.

  • Secure emails delivery
  • Unicode support
  • HTML content
  • Zero dependencies on other modules
  • Various transport options besides SMTP

Steps to send email using NodeMailer

  • Getting Started
  • Install dependencies
  • Using SMTP for Nodemailer Transport
  • Connection with Mailtrap Account
  • Connection with Gmail Account
  • Sending an Email with Text
  • Sending an Email with HTML and Attachment

If you would like to know more about Send Email using NodeMailer, Visit our article and get tech knowledge as per your interest.

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