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Roles in Data Science

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'Data Science' is an umbrella term that means many things. It's important to remember this is a science, and there are subspecialties that you can apply yourself in.

What is necessary when starting a data science project at a client is to ask, ‘What does data science mean at your company?’

Data Analyst
Analyzes the data (ba dum tss). Uses any descriptive analytic methods to gather insights.

Data Scientist
Exploratory data analysis, able to extrapolate some prediction from the data using machine learning.

Data Engineer
Data pipelines & ETL

Machine Learning Scientist
Designs new algorithms. ML/Stats/Math PhDs. Theoretical aspects of ML. Produces ML Academic papers.

Machine Learning Engineer
Focused on productionizing/implementing the techniques, packaged for other’s use. Can ingest an ML Academic paper.

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