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B. Agustín Amenábar Larraín

Hello all,
just discovered this cool community by recommendation of a colleague.

I´m a self taught frontend-ish web developer currently working on Angular (I´m the noob in the team), but have worked with several languages and a few frameworks, since when Flash was owned by Macromedia. I dabble both in the frontend and in the backend (mostly PHP). My strongest suit is styles, layout and front-end performance.

Never take me too seriously, I don´t.

I´ve made my living so far by getting people to pay me as I experiment and learn new tech in their projects, while I do my best to fulfill their requirements. As a result, I´m quite often the go-to guy for several obscure/old/uncommon technologies (who knows how to google for a particular problem).

I accidentally ended up living the awesome city of Munich.

In my free time:

Nice to meet you all