Starting a Project - What comes first?

b3u profile image Binyamin Green ・1 min read

When working on a project, I have trouble finishing unless I have defined first what I'm doing. How do you work? Do you jump straight into code? Maybe you talk it out for an hour, or five.

When you start a product, what's the first thing you do?


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Define a set time to spend on planning, coding and shipping. If you don't set deadline and jump directly on planning, you'll spend a lot of time perfecting the planning itself.

Here's how i would sum it up

  • List out core functionalities of your project
  • Set a deadline on planning, coding and shipping
  • work on providing core functionalities rather than perfecting it in MVP
  • Ship as fast as you can
  • iterate

I think one of the best things is to focus on distribution channels, if you don't have any, there is a big chance that you will fail to get adoption.

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I generally plan out features out so I can then prioritize the first feature I work on.


This question reminds me of the Dilbert episode where PHB declares "First comes a name"


I've spent a fair amount of time planning my current project, DevMe.