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Great Article, Molly! Thanks for sharing your story! Now that you mentioned mentorship, it got me thinking about its relationship with developer advocacy one way or another.

I just transitioned to the role(I have a software engineering background originally) and I am still taking baby steps. What's the one piece of advice you can share that will eventually help people in my shoes move faster please? Thanks!


Glad you enjoyed the article!

Not sure I understand the question, what do you want to move faster at?


My bad. I was referring to developer advocacy.

I am far from an expert since I have only been exploring this world for a little less than a year but one thing I am learning is that you should be your true self when you are interacting with people online, it will make the interactions much more worthwhile. Don't try to fit someone elses mold, create your own.

Also, know that you can say NO to things. I have said yes a couple of times to too many things and ended up pretty overwhelmed. Don't try to move too fast, take opportunities as they come but never feel like you have to take all of them.

Exactly what I need right now. Thank you! Speaking of saying yes, how do you manage work expectations without being too hard on yourself?

Keep it in perspective. Do things that you enjoy, life is too short to be miserable for any extended about of time.

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