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re: What Should be in a Coder's Toolbox? VIEW POST


Why not throw any embedded systems programming skill in the mix? I mean, it's coding...
Point being, you don't actually need all these skills in your toolbox. Knowing what they are and where/why to use them, sure. But actually learning them all in a professional way takes a lot of time, and just using them in a single project doesn't always count.
More important than being a master of all trades, IMO, is being able to adapt to different environments. Going from front-end to back-end or vice versa shouldn't be a big hustle, but I don't expect a React.JS/Native developer to know anything about message brokers


(This is definitely an older post for me, so I've had some more thoughts since publishing)

I think the idea is that every good engineer should know what they dont know.

And, on the contrary, I think a frontend JS dev should know about message brokers, often used in delayed writes (conceptually), otherwise when they post back to the server, and the page refreshes, they might be very confused as to why the content doesn't reflect the recent addition! :D

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