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If somebody asks you to sell your website and you thought about the pros and cons, how would you calculate its worth?

Monthly Impressions, current Income, potential future income, size of your community? Or the hours you put into the project?

All these online worth calculators I found are basically useless as they show you anything between 100 and 100000 dollars.

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None of the above. Think of it this way: if someone asks you to sell your experience so far, how would you calculate its worth? My website is precisely that, part of me, intrinsically me, not something about either monthly impressions, current income, size of community, hours put in or whatever other ticks on a sheet. And if your website is something other than this than it's either a business (in which case you should have measures to evaluate it right from the start, in the business plan) or otherwise something you should really think more about as it's not really working.


The website I am talking about is convertingcolors.com/ not a business not a really personal page more of a hobby to code a little outside of work. But since a few months it is very profitable once I decided to put a single ad on it, rn I make roughly 45 times the monthly maintenance cost..


Outside of tech it's 2-5 times your annual revenue. No idea how to calculate eyeballs, etc.

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