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Discussion on: Is Uncle Bob serious?

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I think we're not comparing apples with apples.
Go to any non regulated industry (and even some regulated) ones and you do see a lot of sloppy code practices and devs who don't give a shit, and don't get me started on the el cheapo consultancies bringing in freshly minted 'experts' (who did a 6 week crash course on some new tech) who are happy to just forward emails around because they don't want to take responsibility for anything.
But if you're talking about industries in which there is significant lose to human life - then you'd fine the majority of those devs are highly professional, not Silicon Valley Fratboys or cheap imports from a third world country. Most of those devs have solid engineering backgrounds and are very professional.

So you're right - professionalism is not really an issue for certain industries, as those industries can pay well enough and are regulated enough to enforce professionalism. But Uncle bob is also right as the majority of non-regulated industries are populated by cowboys and developers who don't give a f#