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Nothing, just Docker and that's it :) you can pre-pull images with packer for faster start as well. The less you customise images the better!


Depending on the language the software you want to run on this server is written, but first of all you need to secure the server which is the first layer security, installing firewalls and make sure u create virtual servers, secondly you need git, install curl, block unnecessary ports like ssh and unlock it when u want to use it, don't install any package that already exist without uninstalling the old one if you just purchased the server but if the server is already in production you need to be technically wise on updates to avoid breaking stuffs... Always backup


An image should have strictly what tour app or service needs. Anything else is wasting storage and might open security issues.


I agree, but would you consider installing some diagnostic tools by default, like htop, iotop, sar, etc.?


I thought you meant for container images that you run with Docker, Kubernetes, etc.

In servers, I do the same, install almost nothing. On a default ubuntu or redhat (centos incl.) minimal server installation all expected tools to diagnose are there.

I tended to install many tools before, but last 4-5 years I automated monitoring tools that collect me in a single dashboard everything I need. I use for that Elastic Stack.

If you learn the low level tools, you'll be able to diagnose and fix 99.99% of possible problems.

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