re: What base packages do you install on production Ubuntu 18.04 servers VIEW POST

re: An image should have strictly what tour app or service needs. Anything else is wasting storage and might open security issues.

I agree, but would you consider installing some diagnostic tools by default, like htop, iotop, sar, etc.?


I thought you meant for container images that you run with Docker, Kubernetes, etc.

In servers, I do the same, install almost nothing. On a default ubuntu or redhat (centos incl.) minimal server installation all expected tools to diagnose are there.

I tended to install many tools before, but last 4-5 years I automated monitoring tools that collect me in a single dashboard everything I need. I use for that Elastic Stack.

If you learn the low level tools, you'll be able to diagnose and fix 99.99% of possible problems.

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