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Did you know? Offline mode in DEV!

ayushi7rawat profile image Ayushi Rawat Updated on ・2 min read

Have you ever come across the offline mode in DEV ?

I was searching around the DEV community for something later today and I lost my Internet connection, and I have to say, the offline page is really cool.

Earlier the offline mode use to look something like this.

Alt Text

This just goes to show that no connection shouldn't equal to no content, or boring content. I feel like as coders, we don't get to experience the other side as much so we might not appreciate what that extra effort to turn a seemingly bad situation into an uplifting one means.

However, It is now changed to a more creative one. Have a look!

Alt Text

BRIGHT SIDE: You can draw a picture anywhere on this page while you wait for the connection.
Just pick a color and start drawing. You deserve a break!

And you have two Color Palettes to choose from.
I'm glad I came across it.

You can capture and showcase your creativity in the Comments Section below or you can reach out to me on Twitter.

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Have fun!


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