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Discussion on: Best OS for DEVs

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Ayan-web Author

Yeah ....there are thinks that can be done easily with windows but not with Linux

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smac89 • Edited on

WSL is pretty good. I like the fact that you can install multiple distros in WSL, and just use them any time and even at the same time!

However, at the end of the day, it is still emulated so not everything will work the same way as on Linux. I will wait until you can access ext4 file systems directly from WSL, then I will give it another try. Linux just recently (with kernel 5.15) added native support for NTFS file systems, so I think it is only proper that Microsoft follows in parallel and add native EXT4 file system support to WSL (and maybe even Windows itself!)

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Václav Brožík

Have you heard about WSL2?

It was released in 2000, it uses a real Linux kernel and by default ext4 file system. The current official kernel for WSL2 (it has some optimizations for WSL2) is 5.10.