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re: There are two ways to think of VIM: As a text editor, and as a set of common modes and keybindings. Switching to VIM doesn't need to be about maki...

an excellent VIM plugin for all their IDEs

sorry, no. If you think that, then you never actually used vim. Tried all of them, always miss some feature right when I get to speed typing (and thus my typed text turns into a mess).

EDIT: unless I misunderstood, and you mean there are plugins for vim, that let you use functionality of these IDEs. My first thought was you're talking about 'vim mode' plugin for the IDE.


While I agree that all Vim plugins eventually fall short somewhere, to say that "If you think that, then you never actually used vim" is unnecessarily harsh. For a Vim beginner a plugin is plenty, and lets them focus on the basic motions etc while still staying within a familiar environment.

If the plugin eventually falls short somewhere, then it can't be called "excellent", don't you think?

Although being a vim-lover I did react too harshly, sorry for that.

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