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Why not just use shasum utility? I think it's available in all linux distros:

ayanami@frater260 ~ 18:23:25$ shasum /bin/bash
16b51b230deb932cd45cfc8667cac20dc33e7e40 /bin/bash

ayanami@frater260 ~ 18:24:57$ shasum -a 256 /bin/bash
f709c523ac22567a5e3efa914366ad723b56e98022d35bdc10a35e47a980d233 /bin/bash

ayanami@frater260 ~ 18:24:02$ shasum /bin/*
f27639cffe362e6c5e8d12aa30a9bc686f6a76e6 /bin/[
e2f1b0363e4e89c29a6c68f64342f1b8d7b3e147 /bin/arch
898bb82e4b45041ba5265ffceb0e499390c196cb /bin/ash

(by using -a we can specify which version of the sha we want computed - this way it's more portable than using sha256sum, sha512sum, etc)

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