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re: Actually constructor method is __init__() which handles initialisation of a new instance object. I'm talking about __new__() which handles building...

Very interesting! I might have to check out that book...

Definitely do. I just finished reading the complete book and realized how ignorant I was.

I would like to take back my comments such as "We just have to know what is called what. Of course, I found some unique and interesting patterns but that's about it."

I didn't realize the advantages I gained before reading the conclusion part. The goal of this book was to give a name to the most commonly used patterns so that we can recognize them and refer to them more easily.

Before I started reading this book, I used to get confused when getting introduced to a new repository or code base. But now, it's much easier to learn a new code base. Because now, just by reading the name of a class or the name of the package it's inside, or the kind of relationship it has with other classes or objects, I know what it's supposed to do (like aha... it's an observer, and these are supposed to be strategy classes etc.). Still, I kept ignoring all the powers I gained until I finished the whole book.

I will write a more detailed post about what I gained from this book soon.

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