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Five classic AWS posts - June 2021

Helen Anderson
Data wrangler at Kiwibank, AWS Data Hero, and tag moderator on
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Hi! I'm Helen, one of your AWS Heroes!

Each month I'll be taking a trip down memory lane and showcasing some classic AWS posts. Some of these might be your 'go-to' resources already, others may offer some new insight or ideas.

Let's jump into the posts!

To get us started we have swyx with a review of Alex DeBrie's book tackling DynamoDB. Check it out for accessible technical writing of a very abstract and complex subject.

Next, we have Matt and the 20 fully deployable serverless architecture patterns at, all built with AWS CDK TypeScript/Python and all including the vanilla CloudFormation Template.

Rakan then shares how to build an SEO friendly server-rendered realtime collaborative todo list app with Next.js and AWS Amplify

Moving on to another classic tutorial, this time from Graham with a run down of everything they've learnt from building and using network infrastructure on AWS.

Our last classic post this month is from Kevin with a great analogy for how AWS works. If you understand how a brewery works, then you can get started with AWS.

That's all for this month! For more great posts check out the #aws tag and the AWS Heroes.

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