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There will be 175 Zettabytes of data in the world by 2025. Where will we store it?

Did you know that a Zettabyte has 21 Zer0s?

In this series of articles, you will learn about the different databases that AWS offers, and their purpose.

What is a Database?

It is a collection of information (Data) commonly stored on a computer.

What is the purpose of building databases?

The amount of data that we receive daily from a limitless sources such as IoT devices, phones, watches, TVs, and more at such a fast rate is almost unpredictable. Yes, almost unpredictable meaning that we can at least know where the data is coming from, what data model are expected to be received and what kind use cases we could develop depending on the data source and type. In simple words the purpose of building databases is to save and organize information (Data) for future analysis.

Let us list some of the Databases known today:

  • Document
  • Relational
  • Time series
  • Ledger
  • Key value
  • In memory
  • Wide column
  • Graph

How would this list be categorize in AWS:


To be continued:

At the end of this series of articles, you will have learned more about each database on the list above as well as gained hands on experiences in some specific use cases by creating and deploying them yourself using Terraform.

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I sorted your data for you.

87.5 Zettabytes of 1s.

87.5 Zettabytes of 0s.

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