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Which is better PHP or WordPress for making website?

awalmadaan profile image Awal Madaan ・1 min read

Can someone suggest me a best platform to get my site build on? Currently it is

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James McCleese

WordPress is PHP, so you can see how your question rings a little strange in many developers' ears.

Plus, asking if a site should be built on PHP is an odd question in and of itself. I don't know anyone who's developing in plain PHP anymore. Most developers are leveraging a framework like Laravel, Symfony, or Slim. So, it may be a more apt question to ask "which is better, WordPress or Laravel, for making a website?"

To that question, I'd have to say "it depends." WordPress is fine if your website is a blog and can even work well if it's a simple company or personal site. It starts to get a bit dicey when you want to add custom features. Sure, there's a massive library of free and paid plugins, but they quickly become a nightmare of security risk and dependency conflicts. You may be able to avoid some of this by using a paid WordPress host who manages all that for you, but in my book it's not worth it.

However, a custom site built in Laravel (or another PHP framework) has its own drawbacks. If you're not a developer, you may need to hire someone to make a change any time you need one. Also, depending on what your site is intended to do, it may be overkill.

Never underestimate the power of a website built in good old HTML and CSS. Many static sites could benefit greatly from a simpler approach like that. Need a little extra interactivity? Just sprinkle a little JavaScript on top. A site like this loads super fast, is extremely cheap to host (possibly free) and meets many people's needs.

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WordPress is PHP based CMS Framework, But Today we need to make faster website using JavaScript framework with reacts and Laravel.

WordPress is easy to manage and developed as per your requirement so yo can go with WordPress.

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The Sharp Ninja

Neither. Use Blazor and .net 5.0.

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Sudarshan Sawandkar

always wordpress is fully featured CMS and hence i will suggest go with and later you can modify it as you want even source code of core wordpress also

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