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re: I am not saving lives. Some developers write code with a lot of real life consequences, I'm not one of them. So I keep that in mind.

Exactly. I make mobile apps and crud apis and I still get so much anxiety over it. If I were writing code for airplanes, banks etc, I'd have anxiety 24/7. I'm still working on taking care of my anxiety but it's difficult.


You should read my article about programming and anxiety on DEV


take care of yourself Avjinder, that's the most important thing.

I don't have suggestions on how to combat anxiety but I remember this thread which talks about depression and anxiety. Maybe you can find some tips in there:

Thank you for the link, it's really helpful. I am working on improving my mental health but the progress has been slow. I've chalked it up to this being my first professional job, and being handed a massive load of responsibility. I expect it to go away with time and experience, but only time will tell. One thing I've been recommended is to leave work at the workplace, and not bring it home with me. That has been helpful for me to a certain extent. Imposter syndrome is a bitch though, and cumbersome to get rid of.

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