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Discussion on: Announcing HEML: An Open Source Framework for Email

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Avi Goldman Author

There are definitely similarities between the two systems. The biggest difference in my mind is how you style elements. In foundation for email, you use their specific sass variables for styling the different elements. If there is a style that doesn't have a variable, you have to dig into the output itself and add your CSS. In HEML you write CSS, mirroring exactly what you'd expect when building out a website. I believe there is also more power in HEML. You can create your own elements to improve the CSS output and create new elements that the community can use!

In the end, if you have a system that works for you and you don't see any major advantages to switching, then stick with it!

Happy sending! 💌

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Anh Tu Nguyen

Thank you, I'll give HEML a try. Create a new element is a big deal ;).