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Run Postman Tests on Travis CI

Dilpreet Johal
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One of the great features of Postman is that it is really easy to integrate it with CI/CD tools like Travis CI, Jenkins, etc… In this post, we will take a look at how to run Postman tests on Travis CI.

Initial Setup

To get the tests running on Travis CI, you’ll need to do some initial setup –

  • Create a GitHub Repository and push collection and environment-related files to GitHub
  • Connect your GitHub repository with TravisCI Creating .travis.yml file Once GitHub and Travis is connected, you can focus on creating the Travis configuration file which will look something like this –
language: node_js
  - '14.4.0'
  - npm install newman
  - node_modules/.bin/newman run tests/Trello.postman_collection.json -e tests/Production.postman_environment.json
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Once you push this file to GitHub, Travis will pick up the configuration file and start building your project and run all your tests in your collection.

Travis Postman Tests Run

Check out the video below to learn more about Postman Travis integration –

What to learn next? 🤔

If you have completed the Postman Testing Series and are now wondering what you should learn next?

💎 You can look into doing API automation using your favorite programming language to build a more scalable framework. I have also created a JavaScript API Test Automation Tutorial Series which will take you from scratch to building your own API test framework.

💎 Or, if you would like to move on to front-end now, you can also check-out my WebdriverIO Tutorial Series

Learning any of these skills will greatly help you in your career and provide you with a full-stack test automation experience.

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I use vs code extension called rest client instead of postman