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re: What do you have to Google? Every. Single. Time. VIEW POST

re: Not a reply to you question, but my method to avoid that 1) I use duckduckgo all the time. Except the 1 search a month where I know there should be...

Totally agree. I've been keeping "developer" notes and it really helps. I either use for my day to day notes, or a private code repo for code samples.


I just checked Thank you for the reference. To me it looks like a limited org-mode on the web (no intent to disparage the service or anything). I've been trying to focus on one interface for all my writing needs, which is made really difficult by all those web apps, so I try to stick to emacs, and for now org-mode (especially the "capture" feature) has been the place where I work most.

I'm a fan of what works for you. I like mine web based because I also regularly use it on my phone and when I'm out. To me it also has a nice UI compared to a terminal. Don't get me wrong I always have one open. But notion just has so many thi gs useful to me that others don't so it's a great fit for me.
Plus I tried emacs, I couldn't get away from liking vim lol.

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