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re: Do you have an inner monologue? Some don't. VIEW POST

re: Inner monologue, isn't it called "thinking"? Would there really be people who are lacking that?

Apparently some do. It's not that they cant think, it's just they can't voice it in their head. They have to vocalize. Or they just visualize key words or similar. But theres no voice. I'm still wrapping my head around that


Yeah I agree that that's weird! So there's no "language" coupled to their thinking, at least not 'internally'. Interestingly most (or all) animals other than humans would have no "voice" either because their thought process is entirely instinctive, non-symbolic. Animals can be intelligent but humans are the only species that manipulate "symbols" (which words are). No voice/language inside your head means you wouldn't be thinking 'symbolically' at least not internally. That seems weird and contradictory. On the other hand when reading/writing it would be entirely possible to think (also symbolically) without the voice. Just as we are doing right now when typing this.

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