re: React/Vue components are just server side template components with worse performance. Change my mind. VIEW POST

re: Not really. There are already tools that do it for you, like vue-server-side-renderer and prerender-spa-plugin. You don’t even have to set them up ...

Yes, I know it's not hard to get it pre-rendered. But it is another step, however minor.

My main argument, is that now you have a whole front end layer of react/vue/angular/whatever which is a lot of added complexity that you need to build, test, integrate, and so on. It is easier to have that break than a simple template.

To me, that added complexity isn't worth it. Even in django/flask and im sure others like rails, you can have it generate a static site when you run the server and have it be seamless too. But theres no cognitive overhead of having to worry about a frontend framework which so far in my experience is way harder to learn than simple templating.

Well, I invite you to go try it.

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