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Discussion on: Do developers have higher job satisfaction than non-developers?

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I think that developer jobs allow for a greater degree of fulfillment. The combination of creativity, stimulation and agency (as Ben mentions) along with the almost continuous bursts of little successes, that is, seeing your thoughts become reality near-instantly, make for a great experience.

But it's only potential for fulfillment (a.k.a. happiness). A developer's environment has a much greater impact on that potential than anything else. Even when working on the most exciting product in the world, if you add in a harassing coworker, a bad boss or even just a few bad decisions from leadership that potential is utterly lost.

Put it another way: With all the stress we deal with as developers, it doesn't take much to reach the tipping point of burn out where developers start to look a lot more like the "everyone hates their job" crowd (or worse, go toxic). I mean, this is all personal opinion. But for me it's about who I'm working with and working for.

Then again, it sounds like you've got a great environment. :)