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Discussion on: Spotify uses Svelte, do you?

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I'm still supporting/updating a Backbone-based content editor + content framework. Will be pushing an update next week (if QA gets to it).

That's actually another concern not mentioned yet: These things we build don't just go away because the tools we built them with go out of vogue. There are still modern apps using YUI (Moodle LMS comes to mind).

That does make packages like React a better bet. Though back in the day no one thought Yahoo was going anywhere.

Now I'm going to spend all day being nostalgic about dead frameworks. Anyone ever play with Boxely (you know, before AOL squashed it)?

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Charles Anim Author

Mine o mine!... I think i just got nostalgic too about all the dead frameworks. This goes to show you that our industry is growing literally by the minute. And then there's React Hooks..... I couldn't tell when that bomb dropped lol. Now everybody is going crazy about it. Oh well.....