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Discussion on: How to become a senior developer?

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Heh, I've been that Sr. — doing the "...because that's how we do things..." or the ever popular "...because I said so..."

When I really meant "...because there are conceptual flaws in your approach that don't work for our audience and/or client and I really want to explain but I'm already 2-weeks late on my own deliverables and don't have time to explain why your solution isn't optimal. So save your solution, but do it this way and we'll discuss it when this project's out the door."

Hopefully I (and your former senior) get better at communicating the latter. ;-)

I say that tongue-in-cheek — my experience likely has nothing in common with yours. I understand the frustration, though. I've been both the Jr. Dev and the Sr. Dev in that scenario. It's always hard trying to balance mentoring with just getting stuff done. The same as it's hard to be new, intelligent, highly talented and both eager and hungry to do awesome stuff.