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Discussion on: Why I was wrong about Scrum + “Hard Goals”

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Great timing for this post, sir. I'm about to start two fresh, junior devs on their first solo (team solo?) application. It's just out of their reach and I was planning on using something vaguely scrum-like in our process. Using "forecast" mindset over "deadlines" will certainly make this better for them.

Really enjoy the way you've explained things here. Thank you.

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Cubicle Buddha Author

That’s so kind of you to say. :) Yea, it’s a much healthier attitude. Best of luck on your team’s new initiative. I have some more articles in the future about the challenges of mentoring (of which there are many). But it’s so rewarding! Your junior devs are luck to have someone like yourself who is interested in their mental health as well as their productivity. :)