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Discussion on: 10 Best Books to Learn Data Structure and Algorithms in Java, Python, C, and C++

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Thanks for the article @javinpaul . Is good timing as I'm bringing on a junior dev or two. I could have sworn I saw the Algorithms (#2 on your list) book somewhere online for free -- but I can't find it now so maybe I dreamed it? ;)

To add to the list, I've also heard good things about the Easy to Advanced Data Structures course on Udemy. It's free, and I'm about to go through it myself before I assign it to my devs so I guess I'll find out.

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Really I do remember that book was free online, got to double-check. Regarding Easy to Advanced Data Structure, it's a great course and yes it's free. It's actually top on my list of free data structure course. If you like courses for your team, you may want to check there