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Usually really good. I'm on a team and with a company that lets me be flexible with what hours I work. I choose the early-in early-out life. I get to work at 6:30 AM and I'm out the door 3:30ish. I usually just miss traffic both ways.

*I do get asked to work extra from time to time. I don't get overtime, but they incentivize it if they have to ask. I appreciate that this is the exception to the rule for me, because there is a culture among my team that some tend to live at work, and the company loves them for it. Work/life balance is probably the single-most important thing for me where I'm at right now so I don't take that for granted.

On a separate note, being the early guy I hear stories about how everybody sees the people who "stay late" and "work extra" and they often get pizza on the company card. People see they come in early but don't notice that they didn't get in until 11:00 or later. The hard part about getting in early is that nobody notices when you are putting in that extra time.

One great piece of advice I received to get noticed was to find excuses to respond to emails when you are in early/late so that people see that you are putting in the time.

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