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Discussion on: On GUI-shaming and a mountain of hot takes

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Austin Hardaway • Edited on

While probably not applicable to all cases, I had a mentor die on the git-cli only hill. His argument, which I find persuasive is that all git gui implementations are inherently opinionated. Which operations are hidden in menus vs. front and center, does it make suggestions, etc.

Git from the command line however puts every command at your finger tips, and you can be assured that operations which fail do so because that can't be done and not because they shouldn't be.

This is certainly a specific case. I subscribe to the "right tool for the job" sentiment but I think in this case the right tool is the CLI variant

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all git gui implementations are inherently opinionated.

All <insert language here> frameworks are inherently opinionated. Hence you should always use the language "raw". 🙂