Discussion on: Escaping the Guilt of the Never-Ending ToDo List

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aurel kurtula

I find there's not that much to keep track of :)

From the title of your post it sounds like you miss out on opportunities no matter what if the list is never-ending. The "done list" is actually something I have read in few self-help books, where people have stopped keeping track of what's not done and instead made a list of what they have done, then the undone things just appear.

I like writing long form. I never write "Today I have to get this done", but regardless by the time I finish writing (a diary like thing: an highbrid of morning-pages and a diary) I'm clear what needs to be done.

Though to be honest there isn't that much that I need to do, so maybe you really need the list. But at least think about the well-tried-and-proven (not by me) of incorporating done lists, it might help you with "escaping the guilt"