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This is a very good write up!

I tried this a year or so ago. I would wake up at 4:30am and sleep around 8:30-9:30pm. It was amazing. I was just playing with the idea so I wasn't committed, I spend most of the time out running or gym. Now I want to do it again, this time do other things with the time before everyone wakes up.

After reading your post, shortly after you might have posted it, I started reading - and finished - the book you mention. My god it was rubbish! It felt as though the guy was only interested in selling his "free" content of his blog (our time, to sign up to the free stuff isn't free)

Anyway, as so often with self help books, a well written post would do.


Thanks Aurel, and sorry to hear the book wasn't for you. Sometimes the core message of a book can be sufficient to put someone in the right direction, I guess. :)

And I agree, sometimes a single blogpost is all you need.


The world would be boring if we all liked the same stuff.

Anyway. I'm glad to report that since reading this post I've become a morning person!

Honestly. I now wake up at 4:30am. Sleep no later than 8pm.

What I did the first day was what I did all the time, the bathroom stuff then checked my internet feeds with a coffee.

I noticed that that take so much time. And at the end I achieve nothing.

Now, by 4:40 I'm sat in my kitchen table with a cup of coffee writing. I start with "idea vomit" where I just try to come up with app ideas. Then I write in my journal. Then check the web for a bit, then hit the gym. But I want to refine it so that I'm working on personal projects first thing.

Wow, that was really fast. Congratulations! :)

I think this is a start for a greater transformation. 4:30am is really an impressive time to get up.

As you mentioned, in the morning you notice how much time certain things take. It's easy to burn your time by watching TV in the evening for four hours. But you won't get up early many times to just check some feeds, I guess. The morning is precious. And that's why you'll rather be productive then.


+1 to "Anyway, as so often with self help books, a well written post would do"

I often find that youtube video summaries of short non-fiction self-help books are just as effective. For example the youtube channel 2000 books

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