Front End Technologies You Must Know

aumayeung profile image John Au-Yeung ・2 min read

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Becoming a front end developer isn't as easy as it used to be. There're more technologies than every that you have to get acquainted with to become a proficient front end developer.

If you want to be paid as a front end developer, then you have to learn the following technologies.


HTML stands for HypertText Markup Language. It's the most basic building block of building front end web apps.

This is a markup language, which means that it stores data in a document, rather than a language that lets us create programs, then provides code that browsers understand and can use it to render web pages.

It's a language that are composed of tags, attributes, and content between tags to let us display content in our browsers.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It's the language that's used to style web pages.

Without this, web pages would look very dull and boring. We can also add basic animations with CSS.

There're many languages derived from CSS that make create CSS styles easier. SASS is a popular language that extends CSS and makes styling easier by providing features like variables, loops, nesting selectors instead of having to write out all selectors by their full path, etc.

Once you master CSS, then learning its derivatives is a breeze.


JavaScript makes our HTML and CSS code dynamic. It lets us add interactive features like form submission, getting and changing data, dynamic styling by changing CSS dynamically, etc.

Its standard library comes with lots of objects and methods to lets us do many things like manipulating arrays, adding and removing items from web pages, etc.

Front end JavaScript code is designed to manipulate HTML and CSS on the fly.

It must be learned from the ground up to basic syntax, and then learn basic data structures and algorithms for JavaScript.

Front End Frameworks

Building everything from scratch with plain JavaScript is too hard and time-consuming.

Therefore, people build frameworks to make their lives easier when they build complex apps. Front end frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular make our lives easier.

However, React is more of a view library than a framework.

Many things that are hard to do with plain JavaScript is much easier with these frameworks.

However, being proficient with how plain JavaScript and the DOM work is essential to be proficient with these frameworks. So, learning plain JavaScript thoroughly is a must.


Most apps make requests to various web services. These are made by using HTTP, which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol.

You've to learn how requests and responses are made so that what you make becomes useful.


Becoming a front-end developer is going to be a lot easier if you learn these technologies well. The more you practice using these technologies, the more you learn, and the more that you find out that you have to learn.


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