When the white space became a beast

Alexandru Trandafir on May 10, 2017

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Lol. Excel has gotten a coworker of mine with this too. He emailed the offending code to me and and I couldn't find an issue... because the email program converted it to a normal space during copy/paste.


Yeah that's the scairy thing about it that it can disappear! :D I found it in Excel in a date field that would not get converted when importing the Excel into a custom PHP app. The date's format looked right.. but on both left and right side it had this strange char.. who knows when it got there!


What problem is the non-breaking-space creating?

Surely the myriad of other Unicode spacing characters would also create similar issues?


There are dozens and dozens of Unicode characters that show up as blank space. You might think that \s in a regex would find all of them, since it matches characters with the "separator, space" unicode property. But not all blank characters have the "separator, space" property, including (with the characters between parentheses):
U+1D173 MUSICAL SYMBOL BEGIN BEAM (𝅳) (there are 7 other similar musical symbols)
U+180E MONGOLIAN VOWEL SEPARATOR (᠎) (only shows up as blank in some fonts)
There's even one character,   (U+1680 OGHAM SPACE MARK) that has the "separator, space" property and doesn't display as whitespace. Hilariously enough, you can use this character as whitespace in JavaScript.

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