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Alexandru Trandafir

Hey DEV & Forem team!!

I just wanted to say that I will probably be doing something similar, I mean, building a community platform, and I will try to take some inspiration out of Forem, hope you don't mind! :-)

Not sure if it will be Open Source or if I'll try to monetize it somehow, as I also seek to make some profitable product in the near future.

The tech stack in my case will be LAMP with Yii framework, instead of Ruby/Rails.

How come I am doing this? Well in the past I have built this website:

A poems community for romanian language speakers. I have written it with classic php and smarty templates somewhere around 2008 I think. And it has a couple hundred users and like 5k poems, and even if it is very abandoned, there are a few users who don't stop posting so I've decided to try to bring it back to life.

Anyways, I guess my main focus will be to rebuild that site and then see how to convert it into a community platform that can be reutilized.

I like the ideas behind Forem, and also like, for example, the StackOverflow/StackExchange approach, it has been on the back of my mind for a while to try and build a community platform.

All the best with Forem and looking forward to see how both things turn out!