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Discussion on: Reasons I've Been Rejected For Software Engineering Roles

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Adam Gaskins

Hello fellow Gaskins! I just discovered this site, and I signed up just to comment and let you know that this article really resonated with me. I haven't had this much experience with interviewing, but I have had similarly bleak and disheartening experiences at jobs I've had. Maybe this inspires a similarly themes article, ha. Anyways, it was an entertaining read and I appreciate that you choose to share these experiences!

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Jamie Gaskins Author

Holy shit! There are dozens of us!

It'd be interesting to read an article about things like this happening on the job, but I might advise a bit of caution. I wanted people who are newer to the industry to realize that an interview rejection is most likely not even about them, but we don't want to scare people out of the industry with tales of how it'll be terrible for them even after the interview process. 🙂

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Adam Gaskins • Edited on

There's actually at least one other 'Adam Gaskins' I've encountered that is a coder, haha. What a trip. I used to have a group of friends when I was on Facebook who were all named 'Adam Gaskins', there were at least a dozen, and from all over the world. I'm sure you could similarly amass a 'Jamie Gaskins' army, and together we could form an resistance movement to hold back the onslaught from the 'Haskins' lineage. [Just kidding, of course... I have nothing against the Haskins' of the world, I've just come across that name as well, and in my mind it's an hilarious scenario for some sort of twisted IRL Monty Python skit, haha]

Anyways, I agree about not scaring people away. If I do write such an article it would be to provide early warning signs of such things [ranging from outright toxicity to more benign ignorance] and advice on handling such people. I am quite the pro-crastinator, so if that article ever materializes is whole other thing... [I hyphenate only to ironically point out my skill in somehow avoiding that which I sincerely desire to accomplish].

Anyways, nice to meet you Jamie! I hope we cross paths more in the future! :)